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Made-in-China light rail train taps European market

2009-11-02 16:19 BJT

Made-in-China light rail train has tapped into the European market, its manufacturer has announced.

CSR Zhuzhou Eletric Lovomotive Co will deliver light rail trains valued 350 million yuan ($51.2 million) to Izmir City in Turky in April 2012, according to Han Jun, head of the company's publicity department.

"The deal showcases the strong competitiveness of made-in-China light rail trains as the European market is known in the industry for its extremely stringent standards," Han said.

The aluminum alloy train, with advanced equipments and comprehensive functions, is designed to carry 1,000 passengers at the maximum speed of 80 kilometers per hour, which is quite high considering the complicated conditions en route, Han said.

Editor: Xiong Qu | Source: Xinhua