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Dance show crosses national boundary

2009-11-10 09:00 BJT

Different styles of contemporary dance came together on the weekend in a show at Beijing's Poly Theatre called "Danscross". The pieces were the work of eight A-list choreographers -- four from China, and four from UK. But all performances followed the same general theme. Some of China's best young performers were featured on stage. Song Yaotian was on hand for the show.

The theme for the eight pieces was "Dancing in a Shaking World". The choreographers touched on climate change, the complexity of modern and fast paces global exchanges, financial instability and viral infections.

The dance show is the fruit of an exchange program between Beijing Dance Academy and UK's Middlesex University. Four acclaimed young Chinese choreographers, Wang Mei, Zhao Ming, Zhao Tiechun and Zhang Yunfeng, and four from Britain worked side by side at Beijing Dance Academy to give the main theme their individual treatment.

The four UK choreographers were chosen for their different styles.

The project not only challenged the creativity of the choreographers, but gave researchers in dance a chance to learn from the results.

Xu Rui, organizer of “danscroess” show, said, “Our aim was to gather the practitioners and researchers in the dance field together, and see what kind of variety will be presented by these different choreographers. Wonderful cultural clashes can be seen in this dance show, which is very intriguing part of this activity.”

While Chinese choreographers emphasize on telling a story with their pieces, the choreographers from the west prefer using novel ideas in their creations.

"Beijing Man", a highlight of the night, jointly created by Jonathan Lunn and Carolyn Choa, was inspired by ancient Chinese poems. They asked the dancers each to reflect with movements, when they hear words or sentences from some poem. Therefore the action on show displays the different characters of the dancers, presenting a varied world of "Beijing Man".

"The Brightest Light in the Darkest Night", a piece choreographed by award winning young artist Zhang Yunfeng, turned out to be another highlight of the night. The dance journeys into the inner world of Liu Yan, the Olympic hero tragically injured in the final preparations for the opening ceremony. It's the first performance starring Liu after her injury.

The show can be interpreted as our fast changing modern world reflected in the eight different styles of the choreographers. Most of the performers have won gold at the national dance competition, which provides a rare treat for fans of contemporary dance.

Editor: Zhao Yanchen | Source: CCTV.com