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Noodle - Most famous dishes in Shanxi

2009-11-23 09:11 BJT


Chinese people remain faithful to those time-honored dishes and delicacies although their diet has diversified. And time-honored chefs are making efforts to pass on their unique skills so that the local specialties will not disappear. In Today's China Cool, we will introduce to you an accomplished noodle chef from Shanxi province and a noodle training center.

This is the noodle training center for Shanxi province. These apprentices are preparing for the commencement ceremony. In a couple of hours, they will work with their teacher, Zhang Suxiang, to prepare dishes for a panel of demanding judges.

Known as the home of the Chinese noodle, Shanxi province has a two thousand year history of making delectable dishes from flour and dough. The region currently boasts nearly three-hundred traditional noodle dishes. The most renowned is the shaved noodles.

Zhang Suxiang, noodle chef, said, "This is Shanxi's shaved noodles. This is pulled noddles. This is called Zhuan Pan noodle. "

Shaved noodles, pulled noodles, Zhuan Pan noodle, and chopped noodles are the four most famous dishes of their kind Shanxi.

For these young apprentices, the craft of making shaved noodles is a prerequisite on their journey to becoming a qualified noodle chef. Xiao An is one of Zhang Suxiang's favorite pupils in the three-month program.

Born and bred in Shanxi, Zhang Suxiang has been cooking noodles for nearly twenty years. Her extraordinary skills have won recognition at a string of national cooking contests. Among her students she is a big star.