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TV drama "Snow Season" shooting in Shanxi

2009-12-14 08:50 BJT


The TV drama "Snow Season" is now shooting in Heshun county in North China's Shanxi province. The county is believed to be where the ancient fairy tale love story of Niulang or Cowhand and Zhi nü or a weaver from heaven. The lead actor and actress also experience love.

Actor Wang Ban and actress Shu Chang play the leads in Snow Season. Growing up together, the couple fell in love at an early age. However, Wang becomes an undercover agent in the Japanese army during China's War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression which pushes Wang into a dilemma.

Off the screen, it's not easy to film in the freezing winter in northern China. Because of height problem, the leading actress Shu Chan had to stand on a box. Wang joked he became shorter, thanks to the small screen. He says it's one of the major difference between TV and the stage where he started his acting career.

"Snow Season" will air on China Central Television next year to celebrate the 65th anniversary of the victory against Japan.

Editor: Zheng Limin | Source: CCTV.com