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China says its mitigation commitments "nonnegotiable,unconditional"

2009-12-18 08:20 BJT

Special Report: UN climate change conference in Copenhagen |

China's Vice Foreign Minister He Yafei addresses a press conference during the high-level segment of the United Nations Framework Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, capital of Denmark, Dec. 17, 2009. (Xinhua/Zeng Yi)
China's Vice Foreign Minister He Yafei addresses a 
press conference during the high-level segment of the 
United Nations Framework Climate Change Conference 
in Copenhagen, capital of Denmark, Dec. 17, 2009. 
(Xinhua/Zeng Yi)

The Chinese premier urged parties to the talks to lock in the commitments countries have made and list the commitments in a relevant document based on the common but differentiated responsibilities.

"If that arrangement can be made, it can mark a huge step forward," Wen said.

Wen also told the world leaders that negotiators should also try to reach a consensus on what documents to serve as a basis for negotiations, monitoring mechanisms, long-term goals and funding in order to reach a deal on climate change at the UN-led talks in Copenhagen.

Editor: Liu Anqi | Source: Xinhua