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Chinese premier stresses cooperation against climate change

2009-12-19 15:07 BJT

Special Report: UN climate change conference in Copenhagen |

COPENHAGEN, Dec. 19 (Xinhua) -- In his last day at Copenhagen, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao reiterated China's stance and polices on combating climate change, and stressed the importance of cooperation on many occasions.

In his speech titled "Build Consensus and Strengthen Cooperation to Advance the Historical Process of Combating Climate Change" at the opening session of the leaders' meeting of the U.N. climate change conference, the premier detailed China's efforts to reduce emissions.

He also briefed the participants on the progress China had made in this endeavor, its future commitments, the difficulties it faced, and the need to stay true to the Kyoto Protocol and the principles of common but differentiated responsibilities.

"Climate change is a major global challenge. It is the common mission of the entire mankind to curb global warming and save our planet. It is incumbent upon all of us, each and every country, nation, enterprise and individual to act, and act now in response to this challenge, "said Wen.

"To meet the climate challenge, the international community must strengthen confidence, build consensus, make vigorous effort and enhance cooperation," he added.

Several international organizations including World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Oxfam International, and Greenpeace International have spoken highly of the speech, saying China will make great contributions to global efforts to combat climate change.

"The actions offered by China to reduce emissions are welcome, both in terms of initiatives already underway and future actions planned," said James Leape, director general of the WWF for Nature International in an interview with Xinhua.

The WWF chief also welcomed China's increased willingness to cooperate with the rest of the world in making emission data transparent.

In meeting with U.S. President Barack Obama, the premier highlighted climate change as a global challenge and an important field for cooperation between China and the United States.

Wen said China's announced targets for carbon reductions demonstrated its sincerity and determination to work with the international community to tackle the severity of climate change.

China has voluntarily launched mitigation measures and put them under the supervision of domestic law and mass media, said Wen.

China is also willing to carry out international dialogue and cooperation on transparency of its mitigation measures, he said.

The premier stressed that China is willing to strengthen communication and consultation with the U.S. side to enhance mutual trust, and push for a fair, reasonable and practical deal at the Copenhagen conference, thus delivering hope and confidence to the whole world.

President Obama hailed China's emission reduction target as ambitious, impressive and important for the entire world.

Obama also appreciated China's willingness to have transparency on its voluntary emission reduction measures. The United States is ready to work with China for a successful Copenhagen climate change conference and to strengthen long-term cooperation in the fight against climate change.

During Wen's meeting with Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh the same day, the two leaders agreed to further develop the strategic cooperative partnership between the two countries.

Premier Wen said that unity, cooperation and common development of China and India, which had a combined population of 2.5 billion people, were critical for the peace, stability and prosperity of Asia.

Singh agreed with Wen on the principle of "common but differentiated responsibilities." He said India was satisfied with its coordination with China in climate change negotiations, and was willing to promote such communication and cooperation.

Arriving in the Danish capital on Wednesday evening, the premier attended the UN climate change conference and exchanged views with a number of world leaders during his three-day stay here. He returned to Beijing on Friday.

Editor: Liu Anqi | Source: Xinhua