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Elaborate tomb complex found in Henan

2009-12-29 09:00 BJT

Special Report: Tomb of Cao Cao |

Archeologists have discovered a sprawling tomb complex near the ancient city of Anyang, in Henan Province. After consulting historical documents and comparing other cultural relics, they say the tomb most likely belonged to Cao Cao, a prominent figure during ancient China's Three Kingdoms period almost 2,000 years ago.

The elaborate tomb covers 800 square meters, with a 38-meter passage leading to an underground chamber.

Archeologists say the site had been repeatedly robbed over the centuries. However, inscriptions on surviving iron and stone artifacts suggest that the tomb's occupant was high-ranking.

Pan Wenbin, Archeologist, said, "We have found one tapering jade tablet, which is an indicator of a tomb's level. Only emperors' tombs contain such burial articles. Inscriptions on the tablet also suggests its owner could be Cao Cao. "

Experts have consulted various historical documents, such as The History of the Three Kingdoms, for clues to Cao Cao's life.