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Actor Huang Xiaoming sees off Expo pandas

2010-01-05 17:33 BJT

Special Report: 2010 Shanghai Expo Countdown |

Chinese actor Huang Xiaoming took a break from his filming work on Tuesday to stay with the pandas he has adopted, before their departure for the Shanghai World Expo.

Chinese actor Huang Xiaoming took a break from his filming work on Tuesday to stay with the pandas he has adopted, before their departure for the Shanghai World Expo.
Chinese actor Huang Xiaoming took a break from his filming work on Tuesday 
to stay with the pandas he has adopted, before their departure for the 
Shanghai World Expo.

Pingping and An'an, the twins adopted by Huang, are among ten giant pandas selected to go on display in Shanghai during this year's World Expo, according to Sina.com.cn.

Huang, who was working on a new film in Hengdian, Zhejiang Province, flew to Sichuan, where the pandas had been bred, to see his bears off.

The actor led volunteers to prepare food for the pandas, and helped staff transfer them into their traveling cages.

The pandas will arrive in Shanghai later on Tuesday by chartered plane.

Pingping and An'an were born in July 2008, two months after a deadly earthquake destroyed their mother's home in Wolong, Sichuan Province. Huang Xiaoming adopted the pandas in October that year.

Huang is an ambassador to the China Panda Protection and Research Center, as well as a volunteer goodwill ambassador for the Shanghai World Expo.

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