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AD Season Goes to Nanjing Normal University

2010-01-12 10:17 BJT

At 7 p.m. December 11, 2009, AD Season Campus Tour, a public benefit activity, was held in No. 1 multifunctional hall in the library of Nanjing Normal University Xianlin Campus. The tour was co-hosted by China Advertising Association, CCTV Advertising Department, and Nanjing Normal University and organized by faculty of Nanjing Normal University News and Communication College.

Since 2006, CCTV AD Season Campus Tour was successfully launched in Peking University, AD Season has been held in Wuhan University, Sun Yat-sen University, Sichuan University, Nankai University, Lanzhou University, Xiamen University and Heilongjiang University. With those successful experiences, AD Season was brought to Nanjing for the first time and held on the beautiful campus of Nanjing Normal University.

More than 400 people took part in the activity including students from adverting, management, marketing and other related departments, and delegates from enterprises and media. The activity was hosted by Hu Die from CCTV and Wu Junyi, a student from Nanjing Normal University.

AD Season warms the university

Although it is thrilling cold here in December, students’ enthusiasm was not challenged by the cold weather. AD Season Campus Tour has brought the latest theory and practical experience to Nanjing Normal University and were warmly welcomed by both the students and teachers.

Nanjing Normal University is among the “211 Project” top universities in China, and also the key university in Jiangsu Province. Being an origin of China’s higher pedagogical education, it is originated from two schools, namely Sanjiang School founded in 1902 and Huiwen School founded in 1888. In 1952, when adjusting the university system nationwide, Nanjing Normal University was founded. Alumni set good examples for newcomers. The university takes “behaving properly, helping others, being honest and working effectively” as school mottos and forms the tradition of “strict, humble, hardworking and offering”. Its educating spirit matches well with that of AD Season Campus Tour.

From theory to practice

At 7 p.m., AD Season Campus Tour started with a dance “Blue and White Porcelain” by girls from Nanjing Normal University. Ms. Zhang Xia, Deputy Secretary-general of China Advertising Association, Chen Rongyong, Deputy Director of CCTV Advertising Department, Lu Daoai, President of Nanjing Advertising Association, Yang Tingdong, President of Jiangsu Yanghe Group brought the latest news and experience in the field of advertising and business. Pan Baiqi, Vice President of Nanjing Normal University, Zhang Hongjun, Associate Dean of News and Communication College of Nanjing Normal University, and Chen Zhenghui, Dean of Advertising Faculty of Nanjing Normal University News and Communication College also attended the activity.

Pan Baiqi, the Vice President of Nanjing Normal University, said in his speech that, AD Season means the season of advertisement, and it has become the most expected season for students of advertising. Pan Baiqi said that the authoritative and broad platform of CCTV and the popularity of AD Season Campus Tour will push forward the development of mass communication especially advertising of Nanjing Normal University.

Zhang Xia, the Deputy Secretary-general of China Advertising Association, said, AD Season Campus Tour is a public benefit activity, which aims to distribute the knowledge of brand and advertisement practice and train competent people in this field. CCTV and China Advertising Association realized the necessity of doing so, and took the responsibility. Ms. Zhang also analyzed the current situation and future of the advertising industry in China. She said that we should start form the advertising education and promote the scientific development of advertising industry.

Students actively participated

During the meeting, Chen Rongyong, the Deputy Director of CCTV Advertising Department, gives a speech on The Advertising Strategy of CCTV: To Put Emphasis on Quality and Do Brand Marketing. In the speech, he introduced the development of CCTV in the past 30 years, CCTV advertising management and the prime advertising resource bidding.

He said the result of this year’s bidding that China’s economy is recovering and also proves that the brand advertising management of CCTV is fruitful.

The representative of entrepreneur, Yang Tingdong, the President Jiangsu Yanghe Group also gave excellent speech. He introduced the story of the brand Yanghe “Blue Classic”, and explained the way of development of China’s private enterprises.

Under the influence of the enthusiastic students and teachers from Nanjing Normal University, the presenters shared their rich practical experiences. Students are crowed in the hallway. Their enthusiasm brought a warm current into the cold hall. The activity finished at 9: 30 p.m. Thundering applause and laughter reverberated on campus.

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