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The 90 Seconds TVC of LV Landing on Economic News Bulletin

2010-01-12 10:39 BJT

Having advertised for 90 seconds by the program Economic 30’ in March 2008, LV worked with CCTV for the second time to make a 90-second TVC in the program of Economic News Bulletin of CCTV-Finance Channel in December 2009. The version of the advertisement of “Where will life take you?” is its first TV advertisement made throughout the world.

The very high quality of the TVC lies in the application of film shooting and in its music composed by of the Oscar Music Awards winners. Apart from winning a great many international awards, the TVC was recognized as the most creative film during the “Golden Coco Festival” held recently in Sanya.

In 2009, CCTV is committed to reforming and innovating to develop brand program by strengthening news highlighting and professionalization of channels, based on “focusing on news as the foundation”. The CCTV-Economics Channel officially changed its name for the CCTV-Finance Channel on August 24, 2009. The reporting techniques have reached the top international standard because of its broad channel outlooks and practical contents. Meanwhile, some core programs, including Economic News Bulletin undertook great changes to intensify the practicability and livelihood placement of topic selection and increase distinctive analysis based on the watching habits of viewers. Programs revised earned high marks from the departments responsible for national economy, business world, experts and scholars, professional brethren and vast viewers.

LV thought highly of the intimate alliance between the program orientation, viewers and quality of program of Economic News Bulletin for advertising its products in the column this time. Therefore, for LV’s part, in order to make brand communication in China, they must search for a media platform corresponding with their brand quality and most news and economic programs can properly fulfill the demand.

Nowadays, China is becoming one of the most important markets for LV. It is going to open the first studio of the world for hand-made products in the exclusive shop in Henglong Square, Shanghai on December 18, 2009. In May, 2010, on behalf of LVMH (Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy), LV will participate in Shanghai World Expo 2010 as a major exhibiter and the only luxury exhibiter from the French Pavilion..

LV pointed out that although there are no celebrities, no famous spots and even the products flash by in the TVC, it creates an atmosphere to express traveler’s spiritual transformation after the journey. The TVC played in CCTV will show the brand influence of LV, promoting the upgrading of the Chinese consumption ideas.

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