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Dabao Holds Large-scale Marketing Champion at 2010 Spring Festival

2010-01-12 10:39 BJT

Year after year, Dabao not only works as an ideal moisturizer but also brings you good luck. New Year’s advertisement will soon be seen at 2010 Spring Festival Gala on CCTV by people from all over China.

The annual Spring Festival is the most important festival for all Chinese people. It is the beginning of the New Year, and also a good opportunity for family members to get together. For tens of hundreds of years, the Chinese people paste the spring couplets, shoot off firecrackers to welcome the New Year, have a family reunion dinner, stay up to see the New Year in on the New Year’s Eve, pay New Year calls or visits to relatives and friends and stroll the Temple Fairs during the Spring Festival holiday.

The marketing department of Dabao company, together with its agencies, has planned a large-scale integrated sale named “Dabao Brings You Good Luck, Dabao is Your Ideal Moisturizer” all over China in the coming of the 2010 New Year of Tiger to increase and strengthen contacts between itself and customers and agencies.

This large-scale integrated sale of Dabao will last from the middle third of January, 2010 to the end of the Spring Festival holiday (the middle third of February) and will be realized through different promotion activities on Internet as well as on TV, magazines, radio, railway media. Dabao will also launch Spring Festival products of specially marked packages in all the large supermarkets and variety stores to try to strengthen contacts with customers at every link and to bring its Spring Festival blessings to all customers.

Customers can feel sincere blessings and unique illustration of the blessings from Dabao no matter when they are traveling home by train or enjoying the CCTV Spring Festival Gala, or flipping kind of famous popular magazines.

For more than twenty years, Dabao, as a national brand established in China, always works to fulfill needs of customers in different levels. From the household product Dabao SOD Milk Cream to the Dabao SOD Cream which comes into the market recently. All its products bring old and new customers simple and practical care and concern in daily life. This care and concern means a lot, trust worthy, tradition inherited and customer-oriented, and closely connects Dabao with the most ordinary customers of China. It is exactly the brand connotation that makes a natural link between Dabao and the Chinese Spring Festival.

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