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Retired TV show host in Guangzhou still popular among people for unique style

2010-02-03 11:30 BJT

In Guangzhou, Chen Yang has countless fans and his name is widely known. He is not a star, and he even lacks a college education, but the way he satirizes current malpractices and the unique hosting style he employs have helped him won the hearts of many people and many awards. He brought forward "New Cantonaisism," advocated the philosophy of "Friendly Guangzhou and Just Guangzhou." Chen Yang has almost become a cultural icon in Guangzhou. After his program was cancelled, some audiences even held this poster high:

Sir Chen, Guangzhou Supports You!

Chen Yang

Chen Yang

In the streets, including Tianhe Road, Dongchuan Road and Guangwei Road, in Guangzhou, the big poster is easily seen, which is in only black and red, and has a row of big characters saying "Sir Chen, Guangzhou Supports You!" beside a bareheaded man in glasses.

A 29-year-old civil servant was almost driven to tears upon his sight of the poster on the wall of residential building on the way to the unit. He said, "For an admired person that is close to our heart, we should dare to speak out, just like showing your love to your wife at the beginning of your relationship!"

Sir Chen's full name is Chen Yang. He never thought he could be so "popular" in his fifties when he has become an old man and he has even been given the foreign name "Sir Chen" by more than 14 million Canton "neighbors."

"Neighbor" is his "invention." During more than 1,500 days between 2004 and 2009, he greeted his neighbors during prime time starting at 19:30, "News channel, sharing everything every day with you. Firstly, I would love to express my good wishes to every neighbor, wishing you a happy day everyday."

Even in 2010, some hosts still greet the audience on TV or other broadcasts.

"This is what we all learned from Sir Chen after he appeared during the news." Lao Xu, a taxi driver who came from Shandong province and has worked as driver for 6 years, said feverishly. "In Guangzhou, everyone knows him. He is known as Sir Chen and he is very sweet and full of Canton characteristics."