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Comedian Xiao Shenyang secured spot on CCTV Gala

2010-02-04 13:59 BJT

Special Report: 2010 Spring Festival |

With less than ten days to go before the Spring Festival gala, popular comedian Xiao Shenyang has finally secured his presence at the extravaganza.

Comedian Xiao Shenyang 

Comedian Xiao Shenyang 

Gao Dakuan, the comedian's agent who was present at the Wednesday night rehearsal, has confirmed the stunning news that Xiao Shenyang, previously dropped from the gala, will rejoin hands with his mentor, veteran comedian Zhao Benshan in sketch script 'Donation', according to Sina.com reports.

The sketch, originally scheduled for the spring festival gala of Liao Ning TV, was leaked in a previous rehearsal and is available online.

To retain a fresh flavor, Gao Dakuan revealed they will bring an updated version of 'Donation' to the CCTV gala.

Xiao Shenyang will replace original cast member Yu Yang to play a TV reporter in the sketch. He will break away from his typical feminine act and dressing style to portray a straight man.

It was long reported that Xiao Shenyang, who rose to immediate super stardom status after the 2009 CCTV gala, will not show up this year. However, mentor Zhao Benshan made the last-minute decision to show his ace is still the most anticipated face among fans.