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2009 TV Viewing Summary in China

2010-02-04 14:07 BJT

1. Significant growth of viewing time

The average viewing time per audience in China boosted in 2009, although not as many events happened in 2009 as in 2008. The average viewing time per audience was 158 minutes in 2009, 5.93 minutes longer than 2008. It is the first rebounce after declining for three successive years. The significant rebounce especially attributes to the obvious growth in January, November and December.

Fig. 1 Average Daily Viewing Time per Audience in China, 2005-2009

2、CCTV takes over 1/3 national audience share

CCTV occupied 33.88% average market share in 2009, more than 1/3, according to the distribution of national TV market share in 2009; whereas provincial satelite TVs occupied 29.62% average market share, less than 30%. Other channels, including terrestrial channels, occupied the highest audience shares, the average market share reached 36.51%.

Fig. 2 Distribution of National TV Market Share, 2009