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Cooperation between Hainan & Hawaii mutually beneficial

2010-02-25 08:25 BJT

Special Report: Impression Hainan |

Hawaii and Hainan have a lot in common. Both start with the letter ‘H’, are tropical islands and attract many tourists each year. As Hainan is currently preparing for the Boao International Tourism Forum next month, former economic advisor to the White House Dr. John Rutledge says he hopes the two islands can soon have something else in common—a business partnership.

 In an email to a local Hainan newspaper, Rutledge commented that such a cooperation would be mutually beneficial for both islands. According to Chinese news site www.hinews.cn, he also promised to contribute to the possible partnership.

Rutledge believes Hainan’s tourism promotion program is forward-looking. He suggested that more direct flights need to be made available to Hainan to attract more tourists. Many Americans who want to visit the island cannot do so easily, as travelers must first fly to Hong Kong or Guangzhou, then transfer to another plane.

Editor: Yang Jie | Source: China.org.cn