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China issues medium-to-long-term education Reform, Development Plan

2010-02-28 14:11 BJT

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China has launched the second round of its campaign to seek public opinions and suggestions on the "State Guidelines for medium-to-long-term education Reform and Development Plan".

At a press conference in Beijing on Sunday, senior Chinese officials have outlined major contents of the document.

Education, a strong connection with the development of a country.

The Chinese government has been giving top priority to the sector.

In August 2008, authorities started drafting a document to chart the course for further educational development between 2010 and 2020.

China has launched the second round of its campaign to seek public opinions and suggestions on the "State Guidelines for medium-to-long-term education Reform and Development Plan". (CCTV.com)
China has launched the second round of its campaign to seek public
opinions and suggestions on the "State Guidelines for medium-to-
long-term education Reform and Development Plan". (CCTV.com)

After rounds of opinion soliciting with experts, teachers, parents and students, the "State Guidelines for medium-to-long-term education Reform and Development Plan", the first of its kind in the new century, are made public for additional advice.

The document has determined China's strategic goal for education.

Yuan Guiren, Minister of Ministry of Education, said, "Based on the strategic arrangement made during the CPC Party Congress in 2007 --- 'Giving priority to developing education, building the country with rich human resources', we have put forth our strategic goal as 'basically achieve the modernization of education and form a learning society'."

As set in the Plan, a focus of education for the next ten years will be placed on promoting equality.

Yuan Guiren, Minister of Ministry of Education, said, "The fundamental requirement for educational equality is to guarantee that every citizen enjoys the right to schooling. We can say our education has made huge achievements over so many years. But there remains to be some unfair instances between regions, urban and rural areas, as well as different groups."

Other working principles include taking talents cultivation as a foundation, reform and innovation, as well as promoting education quality.

Editor: Zhang Pengfei | Source: CCTV.com