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2010 CCTV Spring Festival Gala Records High:Audience Rating 38.26%, Audience Share 81.74%

2010-03-05 10:04 BJT

The curtain of 2010 CCTV Spring Festival Gala that had been expected by nationwide audience for months was lifted on the night of Feb 13, accompanying hundreds of millions of Chinese people spent the New Year’s Eve. The splendid programs of the Gala won high praise from audience, with audience rating reaching as high as 38.26%, and audience share reaching as high as 81.74%.

CCTV-1, CCTV-4, CCTV-7, CCTV-9, and provincial TV, totally 23 satellite channels provided the live broadcast of the Gala. In addition, China Network Television, CCTV Mobile TV, IPTV and Great Wall TV Platform also broadcast the Gala. China Network Television also provided the live broadcast of the Gala to Taiwan by cooperating with www.chinataiwan.org and Taiwan mobile operators via Taihai.cctv.com and CCTV Mobile TV, covering Taiwan netizens and 4 million Taiwan mobile phone users.

The data of CSM 31 capital cities indicates that, the audience rating of 2010 CCTV Spring Festival Gala totalled 38.26% (3.75% higher than 2009), and the market share totalled 81.74%. Among that, the average audience rating of CCTV-1 during the Gala reached as high as 28.42%, and the average market share reached 59.8%.

Trend of CCTV Spring Festival Gala Market Share during 2007 to 2010

96.1% of the households watching TV watched CCTV Spring Festival Gala. Among them, 81.6% thought the Gala was well organized (53.8% of them thought the Gala was very good, and 27.8% thought it was relatively good). The live broadcast of the Gala provided by China Network Television covered more than 140 countries and regions, and corresponding websites were hit by 246 million times, which was 21.2% up compared with that of last year. In addition, China Network Television also provided the live broadcast of the Gala jointly with Sina, Sohu and Tencent, with the number of the people watching it reaching 78.5 million person-times, and 7.86 million people watching it at the same time (peak number). Besides, 8.21 million people watched CCTV Mobile TV, and 3.87 million people watched the live broadcast of the Gala in foreign countries.

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