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Cultural gala takes stage in Canada

2010-03-10 08:54 BJT


An amazing cultural show dazzled festive crowds in Toronto. Local Canadians and overseas Chinese were treated to a gala featuring singing, dancing, and performances representing different Chinese ethnic groups.

Entitled "Cultural China, Spring Festival Celebrated All Around", the gala entertained a full house at the Massey Hall in Toronto.
Entitled "Cultural China, Spring Festival Celebrated All Around", the gala 
entertained a full house at the Massey Hall in Toronto.

Entitled "Cultural China, Spring Festival Celebrated All Around", the gala entertained a full house at the Massey Hall in Toronto.

Uygur, Tibetan and Mongolian songs and dances were performed by the China National Ethnic Song and Dance Ensemble.

Chinese tenors and sopranos sang popular hits like "Five Star Red Flag", "My Homeland and I", "We Are Soldiers", which aroused homesickness from some in the audience.

The gala was organized by the Overseas Chinese Affair Office of the State Council. The art troupe has performed in the UK, Belgium, Italy, New Zealand, Australia and the US. Toronto is the seventh and last stop of troupe's North American tour.

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