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Official: No country in the world can draw the entire country's efforts to assist a region

2010-03-10 13:27 BJT



When asked about the social progress in Tibet during a CNTV interview on March 6, Zhang Qingli, secretary of the CPC committee of Tibet Autonomous Region, said, "We should first be thankful for the excellent policies adopted by the Central Government as well as the guidelines they have formulated for Tibet in this new period of economic and social development that is prioritized by improving the living conditions of farmers and herdsmen and increasing their incomes. To evaluate the performance of government employees in Tibet, the most important criteria is to see how much improvement has been made in the living conditions of farmers and herdsmen, and how much growth they have seen in their disposable incomes. The Central Government has offered Tibet considerable support in every respect and in addition, they have evoked the entire country's efforts to support Tibet.

Therefore, I often think that such magnificent feats and miracles in Tibet could only have been accomplished in socialist China under the leadership of the Communist Party of China (CPC). No country in the world can draw the entire country's efforts to assist a region. China's 17 provinces and municipalities, 17 major central state-owned enterprises, 60 central departments all have their corresponding assistance recipients. One of Tibet's prefectures has an average of two or three corresponding provincial-level supporters. The intellectual and technological resources, cadres and personnel, as well as capital assistance to Tibet have been consistent, so it could be said that the assistance is attributed to the efforts made by the entire country, which is a concrete demonstration of China's advantages.