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Official: No country in the world can draw the entire country's efforts to assist a region

2010-03-10 13:27 BJT


In light of Tibet's tough natural conditions and the difficult situation across China, there are two big difficulties facing us. The first is the special natural environment of plateau hypoxia. The second is the special and complicated social conditions of western anti-China forces seeking to find something wrong with Tibet, when in fact, 99 percent of those people have never been there, but rather, just blindly echo what others say. I have received many friends from the west including those who are kind, those who are hostile, and certainly those who have no understanding of Tibet. I once told a guest to put aside our differences and after welcoming him, I told him that I only wanted to ask him one question – has he ever been to Tibet? The guest replied no, and I urged him to let me be his teacher and introduce him to some facts about Tibet. With my introduction, he said that he was surprised to hear the facts about Tibet and that he would no longer make irresponsible remarks, otherwise his remarks would be groundless.

There are some western media groups who hold unfair judgments toward China. I am not suggesting that you must say something good about the Chinese Government's Tibet-related policies, but instead, I want you to be impartial and to respect the facts. Tibet's future largely depends on the further development of the local economy and on the improvement of the local people's living standards. The Central Government is giving us enormous support this time and we will give top priority to the improvement of local people's livelihoods by investing more in infrastructure, improving the living conditions and production capabilities of the locals, and enabling farmers and herdsmen to increase their incomes. This is very clear requirement. To sum up, everything depends on the strength, development and improvement of ordinary people's living standards. "

Editor: Zhang Ning | Source: CCTV.com