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Enjoying the World Cup with Passion

2010-03-16 16:56 BJT

Live and Complete Report on South Africa World Cup during Prime Time

Jiang Heping, Director of CCTV Sports Program Center

In this summer, the whole world will be crazy about South Africa World Cup. And CCTV will provide the live broadcast of all the matches among top 32 football teams.

Football is a beautiful and passionate sports game. During 2010 World Cup, CCTV will make programs according to such concepts as “I love World Cup”, “Football is a beautiful sports game” and “We can know more about football”. A total of 70 staff members, eight groups of reporters, as well as South Africa reporter team and African reporter team will be dispatched to report the World Cup, and more people will involve in logistics services. This will be the world cup that boasts the largest reporter lineup by CCTV.

This is the World Cup for diverse media. In this year, CCTV will attempt to shift from mere TV report to TV, Internet and mobile TV report by establishing “diverse media” broadcasting platform. CCTV-5, CCTV-1 and CCTVReg will broadcast all the 64 matches of the World Cup. In addition, CCTV will provide the live broadcast of all the matches through a new media platform – Sports.cntv.cn. Mobile TV will provide the feast of the World Cup to audience. And the match time is more appropriate for domestic audience than the previous World Cup. The World Cup Feast will be broadcast at 18:30 after Sports News. Among all the matches of the World Cup, ten will be kicked off at 19:30, and the rest will be at 22:00 and 02:30, fully occupying the prime-time hours in the evening. So the audience rating will certainly be higher than that of 2006.

Live broadcast is a process of unveiling the answer to suspension. CCTV is the exclusive broadcaster that has the right of broadcasting the finals of 2010 and 2014 World Cup in mainland China. This will generate unique value. For most who cannot watch the matches on site, the largest value of the World Cup lies in TV live broadcast, because it creates suspension. Live broadcast is a process of unveiling the answer to suspension and also a process for viewers to fully enjoy the matches.

This is a golden brand publicity platform with enhanced effect. The World Cup will last for 31 days, offering enough time for brands to reach vast audience, which lays a solid foundation for achieving sound brand publicity effect. The enterprisers with foresight will regard the World Cup as a golden publicity platform that is provided every four years, so as to enhance brand publicity effect.

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