Chinese welcome "Long Tai Tou" festival

2010-03-17 20:09 BJT


In the Chinese lunar calendar, today is the second day of the second month, also being called "Long Tai Tou" festival, which means "dragon raises its head". This is the time when hibernating insects begin to wake, and the weather gets warmer.

In ancient agriculture, the dragon was traditionally in charge of rain. Longtaitou Festival is celebrated in various ways.
In ancient agriculture, the dragon was traditionally
in charge of rain. Longtaitou Festival is celebrated
in various ways.

In ancient agriculture, the dragon was traditionally in charge of rain. Longtaitou Festival is seen as an important worshipping ritual to wish for a good harvest in the coming months. It is celebrated in various ways, including eating Chinese pancakes, dumplings, and noodles.

People believe getting a haircut on this day will also bring them luck.

Meanwhile, farmers started their spring ploughing today.

People believe getting a haircut on this day will also bring them luck. 
People believe getting a haircut on this day will also bring them luck.