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"World Cup Feast" on CCTV-5 at Night

2010-04-08 09:50 BJT

By means of watching and commenting the matches by audiences, football anchorpersons and entertainment stars, a unique sense of personal experience in South Africa will be created. At the same time, this program will set up the section of “My Football Team”, combine with the daily competition football teams, select a grass-roots football team to the scene to accept praise and honor, and extend to make “List of Team Charms”. Using interactive features of TV platform and network platform, as well as the involvement of mobile phones, favorability rating of football teams will be released on a daily basis.

Since June 11, 2010, CCTV will start to make broadcast of 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa. Three and a half hours before the opening ceremony of 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa, “World Cup Feast” will be officially kicked off (18:30), allowing the televiewers enjoy carnival atmosphere of World Cup ahead of time at weekends. By then, the programming task group will invite South Africa's grandmother football team into the studio to passionate dance together with Chinese televiewers and enjoy fanatical Disc Dancing. At the same time, frontline reporters will visit their homeland in an in-depth way, and show unique football savors of South Africa from the unique perspective. In addition, the studio in Beijing will not only connect with Johannesburg and Cape Town for panoramic display of World Cup atmosphere, but also jointly launch “Expo of World Cup” with South Africa Pavilion, France Pavilion and Brazil Pavilion in World Expo Shanghai China for the first time.

During June 12-21, due to the concentrated event schedule, “World Cup Feast” will be broadcast 18:00 every day, which will make continuous broadcast of two matches. This program will involve “South Africa Action”, “Stars’ War”, “My Team”, “Midea Moment”, “Debut Now”, “Expo of World Cup”, “GOAL Super”, “Road to Success”, “On the Spot” and other sections so as to comprehensively cover news report, video interaction, match interpretation, star feature, team track, analysis of classic goals, moment highlights and other contents on the whole. During these parts, real-time information will interlude, such as “310 Index” for multi-directional prediction of the matches, popular ranking list of “Team Charm Index”, event message and televiewers’ interactive comments and messages. After June 22, the event schedule will not be so pressing, daily broadcast time of “World Cup Feast” will also be changed into 20:00 accordingly.

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