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World's largest Mona Lisa appears at Shanghai Expo

2010-04-12 13:56 BJT

Special Report: Shanghai World Expo 2010 |

The largest-ever re-creation of the Mona Lisa was installed on the exterior wall of the Shenzhen Pavilion at the Shanghai Expo on Sunday, the Beijing News reported.

The world's largest copy of Mona Lisa, measuring about 300 sq m, is installed at the Shanghai World Expo, on April 11, 2010. A total of 999 painters spent four hours finishing such a giant work by ranging and pasting hundreds of 30cm-long, 20 cm-wide small pieces of colors. (Photo Source: bjnews.com.cn)
The world's largest copy of Mona Lisa, measuring about 300 sq m, is installed at 
the Shanghai World Expo, on April 11, 2010. A total of 999 painters spent four hours
finishing such a giant work by ranging and pasting hundreds of 30cm-long, 20 cm-
wide small pieces of colors. (Photo Source: bjnews.com.cn)

The oil painting, which is about 300 square meters, took 999 painters four hours each, according to Meng Yan, a worker in the Shenzhen Pavilion.

The painting is composed of hundreds of 30-centimeter-long and 20-centimeter-wide pieces, with each painter's signature in the bottom right corner.

One of the Mona Lisa's eyes is made of eight small paintings, and her mouth is made of 15, but the small pieces come together to perfectly compose a smile on her face.

All the painters work in Dafen Cun Oil Painting Village, a famous village in Longgang District, Shenzhen, which produces copies of all kinds of art.

Inside the pavilion, hand-made copies of the world's most famous artworks highlight the flourishing oil painting industry as well as the rapid development of the village in recent years.

Editor: Jin Lin | Source: CRI