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DPRK opens to more Chinese tour groups

2010-04-12 19:19 BJT

For more details on the tours to the DPRK and some of the things to be cautious of doing.

Travel agents say tourists have two options to visit the DPRK. They can arrive on a train from Dandong city in Liaoning province, or by fly from Beijing, Shenyang or other cities. Most tour agencies plan to offer four to six day tours for a price of about around five-thousand yuan.

Travel Agent,said, "Many people call to ask details, and to sign in. It's especially attractive to elders, especially those who ever took part in the Korea War."

Li Meng, Staff, said, "We offer a trip by train. Tourists will take a high-speed train from Beijing to Shenyang, and take the bus to Dandong, then bus from Dandong to cross the border, then they later board a train for Pyongyang. The whole tour will be 6 days."