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The color purple truly tasteful

2010-04-15 09:52 BJT

Purple Bodhi Restaurant's Yansha branch was a pleasant surprise: The food quality is excellent, and presentation is creative. Owner Ms Yang has been an insider on Beijing's dining scene, and is behind the designs of several high-end restaurants in Beijing. This is the first restaurant she has operated herself, and one can see that she has put on the menu a collection of her favorite foods.

Mashed yam cup with tangerine and blueberry sauce is a must-try dessert at Purple Bodhi Restaurant's Yanshan branch.
Mashed yam cup with tangerine and blueberry sauce is a must-try
dessert at Purple Bodhi Restaurant's Yanshan branch.

We started with a soup of purple mashed yam and golden mashed pumpkin. The soup was not only beautiful, but the two colorful ingredients were also arranged in the shape of a tai chi symbol.

That was followed by a combo salmon salad plate, with as many as eight different vegetables. This is a dish said to have originated in Singapore. It is traditionally served during the Chinese New Year, and everybody is supposed to mix and season ingredients in the salad, while making wishes for the coming year. It was a treat for both the eyes and the tongue.

One appetizer had a fresh combination of walnut kernel, spinach roll, and Shanghai style porous bean curd. The Hainan chicken was said to have gone through a special process and tasted super soft, served with three sauces - red chili, soy bean and mashed garlic. A tasty "three cup" trio of fried squid ring, crunchy lettuce chop, and plump mushroom combined tasty sauces with healthy and fresh ingredients. The three cups refer to three ingredients - sugar, yellow rice wine, and soy sauce, which give the dish rich flavors. 

Hainan Chicken
Hainan Chicken

The eatery's boiled fish slices in spicy soup came with fresh chili, and clear soup, and were not as greasy as other places. Finally, braised beef with bone, and fried beef fillet were both tender and tasty.

A must-try dessert is a colorful mashed yam cup with golden tangerine sauce and red blueberry sauce. It was both beautiful, tasty and healthy. The restaurant also serves a mashed yam juice, and a tangerine with roselle drink.