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Full of joys of spring at Da Dong

2010-04-15 10:15 BJT

Da Dong's recent spring dish tasting was full of seasonal ingredients, and bright ideas. The first course, named "spring song", has shrimp with spring green tea, and tasty pear with sweet and sour hawthorn fruit in it, in addition to bean curd with Chinese toon.

Da Dong's Nanxincang branch.
Da Dong's Nanxincang branch.

After a healthy vegetable combo, a picturesque spring bamboo shoots was served on snow-white ice, with a peach branch and blossom. It has a beautiful name, too - "seeking plum blossom in snow". The icy, fresh bamboo shoots are a great match with the two sauces served: One a syrup with sweet-scented osmanthus; another is Beijingers' traditional sesame paste.

Bamboo shoot slices appeared in another dish, fried with shepherd's-purse, a favorite Chinese wild vegetable. This time the bamboo shoots tasted super soft and smooth, a comfort for the palate.

Da Dong's recent spring dish tasting was full of seasonal ingredients, and bright ideas. 
Da Dong's recent spring dish tasting was full of seasonal ingredients, and 
bright ideas.

Da Dong presented his refined version of traditional Beijing snacks, such as glutinous rice cakes, mashed kidney bean roll, and mashed yellow pea cake, all of which make great sweets.