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Jiang Wenli tells her story of growing up

2010-04-19 09:49 BJT

Actress Jiang Wenli’s directorial debut “Let’s Meet in the Heaven” began playing in cinemas during the Qingming festival. The film depicts the deep love between a girl and her grandfather, and naturally warmed the hearts of festival audiences. On today’s spotlight, we take a closer look at this touching and award-winning film.

“Let’s Meet in the Heaven” is currently playing in theaters across China. Director Jiang Wenli and her husband, well-known cinematographer Gu Changwei, invited their many friends to watch the film. They include director John Woo, actor/director Jiang Wen, actor Pu Cunxin, Chen Baoguo, TV host Cui Yongyuan, director Stanley Tang, actor Wu Ruopu, and singer Cai Guoqing.

Narration by Jiang Wenli, said,“Grandfather and me, one ninety, one seven to eight years old... At the end of 1970s, he raised me up, I accompanied him in his final years. A life grew up like a little tree. The old man kept pruning the redundant branches, to make her grow taller, stronger, while his life is like an old tree, falling down slowly, without making any sound…….”

Eighty year old Zhu Xu, the veteran actor of People’s Art Theater plays the grandfather. His seasoned acting skill made the role moving and convincing.

The film is based on the true story of director Jiang Wenli’s own life experience. Jiang says 70 percent of the plot comes from the actual experiences of her childhood. It’s the genuine feelings that make the movie touching. “Let us Meet in the Heaven” won the most popular film at the Pusan International Film Festival, and picked up Best Director and Best Actor trophies at the Macao Film Festival.