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Ferrari 599 HY-KERS vettura laboratorio made its debut at Italy Pavilion

2010-04-19 13:49 BJT

Special Report: Shanghai World Expo 2010 |

During F1 Shanghai GP, Ferrari presents 599 HY-KERS vettura laboratorio at Italy Pavilion.

During F1 Shanghai GP, Ferrari presents 599 HY-KERS vettura laboratorio at Italy Pavilion. The Ferrari 599 HY-KERS vettura laboratorio is claimed to cut emissions and fuel consumption by 35 per cent without affecting the performance and driving involvement that one expects from a Ferarri. 
During F1 Shanghai GP, Ferrari presents 599 HY-KERS vettura laboratorio at Italy 
Pavilion. The Ferrari 599 HY-KERS vettura laboratorio is claimed to cut emissions
 and fuel consumption by 35 per cent without affecting the performance and driving 
involvement that one expects from a Ferarri.

The Ferrari 599 HY-KERS vettura laboratorio is claimed to cut emissions and fuel consumption by 35 per cent without affecting the performance and driving involvement that one expects from a Ferarri.

Several celebrities attend the banquet, including Edwin Fenech, the general manager of Ferrari Middle-East & Africa, Beniamino Quintieri, Commissioner General of Italy for Shanghai 2010 Universal Exhibition, Xie Sa, Italian ambassador to China, Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa of Ferrari drivers, etc.

Ferrari driver Felipe Massa and Fernando Alonso attend the banquet.
Ferrari driver Felipe Massa and Fernando Alonso attend the banquet.