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Henan Pavilion wraps up

2010-04-20 08:41 BJT

Special Report: Shanghai World Expo 2010 |


And while you're visiting the Expo, don't miss Henan's provincial pavilion. Why? Well, during the FIVE-thousand years of Chinese civilization, central China's Henan province served as the country's political, economic, and cultural center for THREE-thousand years. The province is also believed to be the ORIGIN of Chinese cities. Ruins of eleven ancient cities have been found here. With such a rich history, let's see how will Henan province represent itself during the Shanghai World Expo.

Oracle bones and bronze ware will definitely be displayed, but Henan has much more to offer.

The Henan pavilion, which has just finished its construction, takes as its theme "the Center of China, origin of cities". The pavilion aims at encapsulating all of its past glory in the single hall.

The Henan pavilion, which has just finished its construction, takes as its theme "the Center of China, origin of cities". 
The Henan pavilion, which has just finished its construction, takes as 
its theme "the Center of China, origin of cities".