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Places to remember before they disappear -- Asia

2010-04-23 08:37 BJT

BEIJING, April 21(Xinhuanet) -- The Newsweek has released a list of 100 famous spots in its latest issue and predicted all of them might disappear because of global warming and tremendous changes of geography.

The most famous of them are:

State of Gujarat, India (Photo Source: huanqiu.com)
State of Gujarat, India (Photo Source: huanqiu.com)


1. The state of Gujarat is the most important place of production on cotton and salt. Also, Mahatma Gandhi, India's father of the nation, was Gujarati. Between 2005 and 2006, the torrential rain brought by season wind caused severe flood and killed thousands of lives.

It is estimated that the climate change would bring this Indian westernmost state more and more unpredictable storms and floods.


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