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Major Works of CCTV AD in May

2010-05-04 09:54 BJT

The CCTV 2010 World Cup advertising resources promotion successufully closed in April. Three batches of World Cup advertising products were fully released, and the oneline bidding for the World Cup advertising ended up well. The World Cup advertising sales will be carrying on in May. The advertising of special projects, such as the World Expo and the Youth Singer TV Competition will also enter the implementation phase.

First, World Cup advertising sales: the priviledged subscription period of the advertising sponsors for a single game will end on May 4; single-game advertising sales will be on May 5; World Cup advertising sales will end on May 15.

Second, World Expo advertising sales and implementation: the investment attraction of ordinary World Expo columns will be held after the opening of the World Expo on May 1. Meanwhile, we will design individualization that based on the program acrroding to the particular clients requirements.

Third, Youth Singer TV Competition advertising sales and implementation: Youth Singer TV Competiton finals will be from April to July. The advertising sales and implementation will be executed in May.

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