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Online Bidding of CCTV World Cup Ad Completed

2010-05-04 09:55 BJT

Apr. 16, Online Bidding of CCTV 2010 World Cup Ad Resources was held on schedule, with nearly 40 corporations registered for the bid.

The bidding lasts from 9:00 a.m. to 16:05 p.m. on five subject matters which are Pre-live Broadcast Packages, Live Broadcast Packages, Post-live Broadcast Packages, Overtime Ad and Spot Kick Ad.

Live Broadcast Packages and Spot Kick Ad are the most competed resources. At last, Live Broadcast Packages are won by Epin.zhaopin.com, Benz, JDB, Hongdou, Yili, Tencent, Qilin Automobile and Haier, Overtime Ad resources are won by K-boxing and Midea and Spot Kick Ad goes to Nissan.

Garment, automobile, beer brewage and internet industries, companies from Fujian Province and international brands showed great interest on this ad resource bid. K-boxing, for instance, wins five pre-live, live and overtime positions.

The way of bidding hot World Cup ad resources online has provided an opportunity of fair, equal and open competition for ad clients, simplifying their bidding procedures and saving their ad cost via the efficient distribution channals.

2010 South Africa World Cup ad products have been sold in three stages. Stage 1 includes scarce resources such as designated positions and CCTV World Cup Feast special sponsorship, which were sold out on the CCTV 2010 Prime Advertising Resource Bidding and the follow-up subscription. Stage 2 includes game packages, column packages and patches as well as column special sponsorship and program title sponsorship. Stage 3 includes individual game ads, slot packages and ads around event venues. Given the scarcity of World Cup ad resources and the attraction of CCTV platform, the Stage 2 and Stage 3 products draw immediate attention from corporate advertisers once released. Then such resources as game packages, column packages, column special sponsorship, program title sponsorship and column patch were obtained by advertisers through sponsor subscription, online bid and other channels.

“Value increase with limited release” and “ad environment protection” are among the main principles of this session of World Cup ad bid. “Compared with the last session, this year’s World Cup ad is characterized by reduced ad time, concentrated clients and mature ad strategy”, stated by He Haiming, Deputy Director of CCTV Advertising Department.

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