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Most Shining Points of the 14th Youth Singer Competition

2010-05-04 10:01 BJT

A new record on the number of competitors

The 14th CCTV Youth Singer TV Competition enjoys a new record of both the number and the coverage of competitors. Except Hai Nan Province, all the 30 provinces and municipalities have organized teams to take part in this competition. There are 48 representative teams in total signing up for the competition, including 35 teams from local TV Stations, 5 from military system, and 8 from Beijing. The number of competitors is 3,181, 534 of which will take part in the single semifinals of bel canto (Opera style-a western style of singing), folk songs style, pop and naturo pharm style (primitive singing technique) and 2,647 of them will compete fiercely for the prize of choral competition.

The longest competition

The 14th CCTV Youth Singer TV Competition has been prepared since last October. From March 29th to April 10th, CCTV-Music Channel has put on the live shows of semi-final matches. Team finals round will launch from April 12th to May 6th. And from June 9th to 26th, individual finals of five different singing styles will also begin respectively. The daily live shows of these finals will be on CCTV-Entertainment Channel and China Network Television. The award ceremony and finals will be on CCTV-Entertainment Channel on July 2nd.

Mostly rebroadcasted and rebroadcast semi-finals for the first time

"This is the first time for CCTV to rebroadcast semi-finals. We record the semi-finals and broadcast them according to the order of five singings styles. The audience can still enjoy the Competition on CCTV-3 after the finals." said Qin Xinmin, the producer of the Competition.

The biggest change——Cancel the comprehensive quality test in team match

The biggest change of the competition system this year appears in its competition: cancel the comprehensive quality test in team match and add the competition of performance. But the comprehensive quality test still remains in the single matches. In addition, the audience will see more new music pieces and fresh performances, enjoy more famous singers' live shows home and abroad, and share more comments on the performance of competitors from different aspects. from celebrities and songwriters.

The highlight——Adopt "Judges Avoidance System" primarily

A judge will not give scores to the competitors who are the students of the judge, whose songs are written by the judge or who come from the same system or the same area as the judge does. The judges of the contest mostly come from different provinces, and every local team has at least one judge taking part in the judgment of final matches and the local judges account for more than a half of all in semi-finals. In addition, the team number for finals increases from 20 to 27.

The Schedule of the Youth Singer TV Competition

Preliminary Competition: Before March 10th .

Sign-up for Semi-finals: From March 11th to 20th

Semi-finals: From March 29th to April 10th

Initiation Ritual: April 11th (Sunday)

Team Finals: From April 12th to May 6th . 25 Team Finals will be held continuously

Single Finals: From June 9th to 26th, 2010, 18 single finals of five different singing styles: chorus, bel canto, folk singing style, pop and naturo pharm singing style will also begin respectively.

Award Ceremony: July 2nd (Friday)

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