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Create "Chery Speed" with CCTV

2010-05-04 10:18 BJT

In 2010, Chery Automobile makes frequent appearance in the CCTV channels, not only making advertisement placements in CCTV’s Spring Festival Gala Evening package and golden package, offering to buy the advertisement programs of the Winter Olympics, but also actively negotiating the advertisement programs of South Africa 2010 World Cup. This fully demonstrates Chery Automobile’s strong confidence in China’s automobile market of 2010.

In recent years, Chery Automobile has gradually established the development strategy with improving product and service qualify, enhancing brand value and brand image as its core competiveness and has made remarkable achievements. On March 26, 2010, Chery's 2 millionth car rolled off line and it also successfully held the new product launch of Rely in Wuhu. Chery Automobile thus became China’s first self-owned auto brand that had produced two million cars in the history of China's automobile industry.

Nowadays, Chery has owned four auto brands of Chery, Riich, Rely and Karry. In the meantime, after its 1 millionth car coming off line in August 2007, it only took Chery two and a half years to roll off its 2 millionth car, thus creating ‘Chery Speed’ in the development of China’s self-owned automobile brands.

CCTV’s Exclusive Resources Helps Create ‘Chery Speed’

In 2004 when Chery appeared in CCTV’s Prime Advertising Resource Bidding platform, it only made placements in one-month-every-other-day advertisements in Special-A section. However, Chery instantly gained fame due to the significant communication effect of its advertisements in Special-A section. Chery’s advertisement slogan “Now I only ‘dress’ in QQ” soon became popular around China and Chery QQ therefore became the best-seller model at that time. Meanwhile, after the advertisement placement in CCTV’s program, Chery’s partners also changed their idea about Chery and held much more positive attitude towards Chery. According to the feedback from many Chery users, it was CCTV that promoted their relationship with Chery and ultimately enable them to bedcome the loyal fans of Chery.

In 2005, Chery Automobile participated in CCTV’s Prime Advertising Resource Bidding for the first time and successfully won the bidding of advertisements in Special-A section. From then on, each year Chery particiapted in CCTV’s Prime Advertising Resource Bidding and increased its CCTV advertisement placement year by year, with 27.4 miilion RMB in 2004, 41.32 million RMB in 2005, 76.43 million RMB in 2006 and 128.93 million RMB in 2007 respectively. In the meantime, the sales of Chery Automobile have been on the rise year by year, with 86,568 units in 2004, 189,158 units in 2005, 305,236 units in 2006 and 381,000 units in 2007 respectively. Over recent years, Chery Automobile has achieved continuous sales growth and significant enhancement of its brand image by allying with CCTV.

Build Self-owned Automobile Brand through Sports Marketing

While enahncing its brand image by making placments in CCTV’s Prime Advertising Resource Bidding and promoting its sales increase by supporting on relevant activities, Chery Automobile actively carried out its sports marketing and enahnced its brand with the aid of global top events.

Sports and automobile are perfect match and both of them are featured by boundless passion and ambition of realizing dreams. Therefore, the TV audience of sports events are characterized by high loyalty and focused attention, and in the meantime, the audience’s emotion will fluctuate with the progress of the sports event and its final result. Therefore, corporte brand will be granted with more opportunities of striking profound responsive chord with the audience if an enterprise chooses to make advertisement placement in top sports events.

Take 2006 FIFA World Cup Germany as an example. Chery seized this opportunity and tried to obtain the theme sponsorship of “The Glamour Window of World Cup” world cup publicity trailer of the soccer matches exclusively broadcasted by CCTV. During the period from April 1 to July 10, Chery’s brand image frequently appeared in the excellent highlights of the World Cup exclusively broadcasted by CCTV, achiving remakable communication effect.

During the 2010 Olympic Winter Games, Chery Automobile made advertisement placement in the “Sports Games Package of CCTV-1, CCTV-5 and CCTV-7” and P&S of Sports World. Due to the fact that this Winter Olympics was held during China’s Spring Festival and China’s sports delegation made record of winning five gold medals, 2 silver medals and 4 copper medals, it had drawn wide attetntion of numerous audience and the brand reputation of Chery Automobile had been significantly enhanced as a result.

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