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Along the Sungari River Broadcast at Golden Theater

2010-05-04 10:23 BJT

On May 2, 40-episode TV series Along the Sungari River which mirror the history of anti-Japanese war in Northeast China in panoramic view will be broadcast at CCTV-1 Golden Theater. The TV series depict the ups and downs of the destiny of the people along Sungari River and their arduous fight against Japanese invaders represented by two generations of people in three families which are surnamed Cheng, Li and Lin respectively during the period from around the “Sep. 18th Incident” (1931) to the founding of Red China (1949). Despite the ordinary stories of common people, the TV series, with famous director Chen Guojun and playwright Yuan Fang, epitomize anti-Japanese war, fight of anti-Japanese united forces, Liberation Movement and other historical backgrounds.

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