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Zhang Xiaowu's Spring

2010-05-04 15:46 BJT

The 25-episode series “Zhang Xiaowu’s Spring” has been launched on CCTV-1 at prime time from April 15. It is produced by Jia Xiaochen, a top 10 producer in China, who made “The 51st Depot”, “The Dawns Are Quiet Here”, “How far is Happiness” and “Woman Flower”. Directed by Zhou Xiaogang, the leading roles are Yan Ni, Leon Jay Williams, Liu Jia and Wang Dazhi.

From Jia Xiaochen’s point of view, Zhang Xiaowu’s Spring is comparable to a civilian-version Soldiers Sortie, in which the heroine Zhang Xiaowu can be reflected as a female equivalent of Xu Sanduo. How does the CEO of Wen’s Group acted by Leon Williams fall in love with Xiaowu, (a labor contractor acted by Yan Ni), when her hit the bottom at both romance and career? Amazing plots and acting skills are catching the eyeballs of Chinese audience.

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