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CCTV President Jiao Li Met with Disney CEO

2010-05-04 16:50 BJT

On April 13, CCTV President Jiao Li met with the delegation led by Disney CEO Robert Iger. Jiao Li said that the two parties had established friendship of long-term cooperation and that CCTV attached great importance to implmenting cooperation with well-known leading international cultural entertainment companies like Disney for the purpose of improve China’s media in the international society and improve the influence of China’s media. He proposed that the two parties can, on the basis of current cooperation, further expand the cooperation coverage to other fields such as culture creativity, cooperation in development and overseas distribution. Robert Iger agreed with the proposal by Jiao Li and emphasized that Disney highly trusted CCTV’s brand and strength, and their relevant cooperation relationship will certainly bring up with mutually beneficial result. The two parties also reached agreements on establishing communication mechanism and other issues.

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