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CCTV Sparkles at Hong Kong International Film &TV Exhibition

2010-05-04 16:52 BJT

In the just concluded 14th Hong Kong International Film &TV Exhibition, CCTV’s film and TV programs such as TV Dramas of Schemes of a Beauty and Sun Tzu Biography, the documentaries of Wall Street and Designed for the World Expohave achieved signing contracts of 4.03 million USD (including the intention of signing). This is CCTV’s best performance since it organized delegation to attend the Hong Kong International Film &TV Exhibition 14 years ago. During the exhibiton, the relevant responsible staff exchanged ideas with media such as HKTVB, Taiwan CTV and Singapore MediaCorp News in terms of strengthening cooperation, and also attended other relevant events including ACD Documentary Workshop, the Award Ceremony of Asian Film Awards and the press release of the animated film Romance of the Three Kingdoms co-produced by China and Japan.

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