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Ad Proposal for CCTV-2 Fascinating World Expo

2010-05-04 16:57 BJT

CCTV-2 has devoted itself to creating “Fascinating World Expo”, the special program of the World Expo, which will, based on the features of Finance Channel, report the World Expo from the perspective of “Technology Changes life”. This program will make feature programs based on the 52 cases that are carefully selected from the nearly 80 cases of “Urban Best Practices Area” that will take part in the Expo. It will enable the audience to take a close look at the Urban Best Practices Areas around the world. Meanwhile, it will report the newest contribution made by the world-renowned enterprises in terms of “Low-carbon Economy” and “Sustainable Development Strategy” by focusing on the highlights of the Enterprise Pavilions. Besides, each day an honored guest will be invited to be present at the program of “Fascinating World Expo” and make wonderful comments concerning the theme of the World Expo.

【Program Broadcasting Schedule】

Its first-run broadcast will be carried out from about 18:48 during the period from May 4, 2010 to October 31, lasting 15 minutes each episode. (Notes: The broadcasting is tentatively scheduled and the specific broadcasting time is subject to the advance notice in China TV Guide.)

Broadcast Sponsorship

【Return On Advertising Investment】

1. Five-second Logo Board

A five-second logo board will carry sponsor’s name and logo with voiceover “This program is sponsored by (company name)”. (The content of voiceover can be determined by negotiation).

Five-second logo board will be in the first front position after the program’s title, with one time/episode and a total of 129 times.

2. 15-second advertisement

15-second ad of the sponsor will be broadcasted in the last postion after the program’s title, with one time/episode and a total of 129 times.

3. Acknowledgement by the end of the program

Sponsor’s name will appear by the end of the program, with one time/episode and a total of 129 times.

【Rate】RMB 7.52 million


【Ad Broadcasting Schedule】

Once per episode at the normal position in the program, 5 times per week.


Ad Length

5 sec.

10 sec.

15 sec.

20 sec.

25 sec.

30 sec.

Rate (RMB)/ week








1) In case of delay or cancellation of program’s first show, CCTV Advertising Department will arrange ad broadcast in an equivalent time slot or in other time slots with equivalent value.

2) Though ad is accompanied with program rebroadcast, cancellation of rebroadcast does not make up for ad rebroadcast.

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