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CCTV AD Opens Mini-blogs on Sohu.com and QQ.com

2010-06-03 17:37 BJT

On May 16, CCTV Advertising Department opened its mini-blogs both on sohu.com and qq.com, and their web-addresses are http://cctv1118.t.sohu.com/ and http://t.qq.com/cctv1118.

Mini-blog is an emerging communication means on the Internet, which has become more and more popular and influential. The launch of the mini-blogs will help the department achieve faster and more effective communication and interaction with clients, advertising agencies and netizens.

On the mini-blogs of CCTV Advertising Department, clients and advertising agencies can quickly obtain the latest business information about the department and learn more about the department’s corporate culture. In the meantime, relying on the information service function of the mini-blogs, the department will send timely marketing information to its clients and agencies and collect feedbacks.

Compared with the traditional blog, the mini-blog can be operated more easily, and it can be installed on multiple platforms. Users can release information on a mini-blog easily. Users can also give quick comments and opinions on the simply designed interface. What’s more, users can use their mobile phones to release information on the mini-blogs.

The department will further encourage its clients and agencies to open their mini-blogs so as to form a group of mini-blogs, through which information can be spread in a faster and more efficient way.

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