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CCTV-NEWS Channel Meets Enthusiasm

2010-06-03 17:38 BJT

At 19:00 on Apr. 26, 2010, CCTV-9 was formally renamed to CCTV-NEWS. Firstly, news report is greatly enhanced. 19 hours of news live broadcast will be offered everyday. In addition, in-depth reports and commentary programs such as China 24, Dialogue, World Observation, Finance Summit and New Fortune will be presented; secondly, programs are rescheduled, and news will be broadcast at prime time in Europe, Africa, Asia-Pacific Region and America. Thirdly, broadcasting forms meet the international standards. After the adjustment, all programs become more consistent with the viewing habits of overseas viewers.

CCTV-NEWS will follow international communication rules, focus on improving contents, establish multi-level news analysis pattern, broadcast domestic news in the fastest way and broadcast international news at the same pace with overseas media so as to serve as an important window for international community to know about China and Asia.

Original Reports on the Expo

On Apr. 27, CCTV-NEWS broadcast its original series reports on Shanghai Expo, which won acclaim from both domestic and foreign viewers. The series reports included Exclusive Interview with Director of UK Pavilion, Sci-Tech Expo: Watching the Highlights of the Expo and Tips on the Expo: How to Enter the Expo Park by Water, covering science, technology, culture, economy, urban sustainable development and many other aspects.

The embassy of UK in China praised the report entitled Exclusive Interview with Director of UK Pavilion by saying that the report expatiated on the relationship between nature and human being` s future with insightful viewpoints.

The residents from Pingjiang District, Suzhou sang high praise of the exquisite pictures in these reports and thought the reports mirrored the importance of harmonious city development by portraying the life of common people.

Keeping Pace with Overseas Media on International News

By making full use of the international report network composed of CCTV overseas reporters and accredited international reporters, CCTV-NEWS improves its fast response ability, and can basically report important international news at the same pace with overseas media. Furthermore, its report quality has been improved significantly.

Up to 19:00 on May 5, 63 video reports and telephone reports have been broadcast via international report network, involving five continents of the world, covering politics, military, diplomacy, anti-terrorism, economy and other fields, and including such contents as the turbulence in Thailand, the general election in Philippines, the reaction from the international community on the abortive explosion at Times Square and Iraq election.

Unique Oriental Prospective

CCTV-NEWS highlights “oriental perspective” on the basis of adhering to the principles of “timeliness, accuracy, objectiveness and balance”.

It has reported on oil well leak in Gulf of Mexico, the reaction of the international community on the abortive explosion at Times Square and other international events for several consecutive days.

It broadcast the comment on Greek debt crisis and the rescue from Euro Zone, and deeply analyzed the effect of this incident on the export of China and other Asian countries. As to the report on UK election, it highlighted the participation by Chinese candidates and the participation in political affairs by the Chinese all over the world.

Positive Response from International Community

Chen Yongguang, senior vice president of CNN indicated that, CCTV-NEWS showed up with brand-new outlook and positioning; CNN was expected to enhance the cooperation with CCTV-NEWS. Sirkka Korpela, professor of School of International and Public Affairs, Columbia University commented that, the programs of CCTV-NEWS were more attractive, the opinions and reports were more incisive and the time efficiency in news report was enhanced.

Representative of KyLin TV (China) said that, CCTV-NEWS would be a channel popular among overseas viewers; many people were interested in China now and they could know China through this window; it was suggested to enhance publicity to this channel.

In addition, the viewers from USA, UK, Netherland, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Turkey, UAE, Ethiopia, Hong Kong and other countries and regions congratulated on the launch of CCTV-NEWS by letters or online messages, thinking that the launch of CCTV-NEWS would enhance the international influence of China.

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