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Chinese tourists flock to Japan to see cherry blossom

Reporter: Terrence Terashima 丨 CCTV.com

03-31-2016 05:50 BJT

Cherry blossom in the Japanese cities is almost at its bloom. Tourists from many parts of the world flock to Japan during this season. Last year, the number of Chinese visitors doubled to 5 million, that's about a quarter of all tourists to the country. And this year, authorities predict a strong Chinese visitorship to Japan again. 

It was a much awaited Cherry blossoms in Tokyo. Although it is not yet at their full bloom, thousands of Japanese and tourists flocked to parks to see the beautiful pink blossoms.

Some enjoying meals with families, or playing games, and some could not wait until the evening and having an early start with their beers. Chinese students in Japan, also joined the Japanese tradition. Lunch underneath the cherry tree

"The cherry blossoms are so pretty and I enjoy talking with friends and gazing at the blossoms."

Tourists from all over world also picked this season to visit Japan. Tour busses, many of which are for Chinese tours lined the streets. Japanese National Tourist Organization say about 40 percent of inbound tourists came at the cherry blossom season. Nearly 2 million people visited Japan in late March to April.

Large percentage of which area Chinese nationals. Many of them are repeating visitors

"I came here last year, also at this period. Last year at this period we had full cherry blossom, very beautiful last year. I look forward to see the cherry blossom again." And of course more.

"She is going to Akihabara, she wants to buy some goods about Anime"

Of course cherry blossoms are not the only interest for both Japanese and tourists, in the spring holiday season. shopping arcades are packed with people, trying to find their holiday trophies.

In 2015 4.99 million Chinese visitors came to Japan and spent over 1.4 trillion yen, 12.62 billion US dollars. Almost triple the spending of other nationals. Increase number of shops specially cater for Chinese national. And Chinese spending is expected to maintain upward trend.

With improved accommodation and transportations, officials hope that Chinese inbound tourists will increase further running up to the Tokyo Olympics in 2020.

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