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CCTV polling: How safe is nuclear energy?


04-01-2016 15:46 BJT

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CCTV has commissioned an independent polling company to conduct a survey to find out what the world thinks about nuclear safety.

Over 2,000 people were questioned across 5 continents, from 10 countries: China, the USA, the UK, Russia, India, South Africa, Japan, Germany, Brazil and Saudi Arabia.

The questions threw up some interesting results and we found huge disparity of thought in many levels.

Nuclear power comes with ample controversy — who's for and who's against its utilization and why?

People’s views diverge on many levels, and that difference is most glaring on a national scale. Taking an example from our global survey, the Chinese and Indians are strong advocates of nuclear power, while it's big no-no for the Japanese and Germans.

This correlates with the path of the nuclear industry in these countries... what with China and India building new reactors, in contrast to Germany deciding to totally phase-out its facilities.

The survey also found large disparity in the trust people have in their government on nuclear safety. The Japanese were the least trusting, with only 12.6% believing their government would tell the truth, while their neighbors in China had far more faith than other nationalities, with 49.1% confident in their government's honesty.

If we zoom in on an individual level, it looks like attitudes varying with education background, age and also gender.

Nuclear energy is obviously powerful, and considered efficient and clean. But it has much work to do convincing the masses of its charm.  

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