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China to cut down the numbers of left-behind children

Reporter: Zheng Chunying 丨 CCTV.com

05-15-2016 04:54 BJT

Local governments have also taken up the responsibility of caring for them.

Children are meant to grow up with the warmth of a parent's embrace.

But for some, it's been a lonely childhood as their parents leave for cities in search of higher-paying jobs.

This is a typical scene in China's rural areas.

But measures have since been taken to protect these children. They now have access to education, healthcare, and other social services.

The government also ensures that they receive enough attention and emotional support.

Platforms are set up to cultivate their hobbies, talents and passions.

"The teacher always accompanies us. She helped me when I lagged behind at school. She is my other mom."

"I feel lonely at home, but it's a warm atmosphere at school playing with the classmates, studying with them makes me very happy and warm."

"We need to take care of the left-behind children. And it's not just about simply setting a goal, but putting them into real practice. We must shoulder our responsibility to take care of them with utmost love," said Ran Xia, deputy mayor of Bi Jie City Government.

At the same time, the government has also made efforts to unite families by persuading some parents to head home and live with their children.

"We also came up with certain policies in terms of job allocation when the parents come back. We've set up many positions in the industrial and agricultural industry," Ran Xia said.

With these promises, migrant workers like Zhang Xia have been convinced to abandon a higher pay in the cities, in exchange for more time with their children.

"My little son even can't recognize me, which made me very sad. And then I thought, why am I earning money? They're all for my son... I really miss them," Zhang Xia said.

 Zhang Xia has since returned to her hometown, and is now working in a pepper industrial park.

Though she earns much less than before, she's still satisfied.

Waking up to her son's warm smiles means much more than any high paying job.

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