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Sub-anchor: Driverless cars, e-commerce among applications


05-26-2016 04:50 BJT

For more, we are joined in the studio by CCTV's Jin Yingqiao.

Q1. Tell us more about the applications of 'big data'. Just how important is it?

Actually we can't live without big data even now. For example, when you Google or Baidu something on the Internet, you are accessing an incredibly big data base.  Baidu for example receive 5 billion search requests every day. On China's social media, there is a symphony that went viral.

The reason: it was linked with big data. The symphony follows 114 key search words on Baidu that covered the major events in 2015. Have a listen. Well, besides search engines: a couple of other areas that big data plays a big role: driverless cars. This picture shows a Google driverless car ready to make a turn. It's capturing all things that are moving. Cars , birds, a rolling ball, and a cigarette butt.

For the Google car, a cigarette could mean a pedestrian could be walking out, and a ball could be a kid running into the road...massive data that it processes for a safe journey. It's not surprising that it's tech companies as opposed to traditional auto makers who've made headlines in this area. In China, Baidu's driverless car hit Beijing's fifth ring road for a test drive.

Big data is the core competitive edge of an e-commerce company. On Taobao, for example, they predict what you want to buy based on massive user's data. Platforms like JD have even started to build databases for customers' comments, to analyse the characteristics of consumers. Big data also helps news apps, apps like "Jinritoutiao" stand out because their computers sift through a massive amount of news, and push you the news you want to read.

Q2. Tell us more about what are the next battlefields of big data among tech giants?

Well some say big data is the future. In the field of medical care, tech companies are already battling for market share. A wide range of subcategories in this area. For example, Tencent has cooperated with Guizhou province for projects on diabetic patients. Patients get a smart blood sugar testing machine, which is linked with the database.

Health workers make calls to the patients when their blood sugar levels surge. And Baidu rolled out a function that can predict the location and time of epidemics like the flu based on search behaviors.

Alibaba wants to build a health product selling platform, and it's building an online network of hospitals. One feature for example is a shared platform of medial imaging, so that patients don't have to get everything in a big hospital which is often too crowded, letting community health care centers play a bigger role.

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