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Torrential rainfall continues to batter S. China

Reporter: Jiang Shaoyi 丨 CCTV.com

05-28-2016 04:40 BJT

Heavy rainstorms have been battering much of southern China for weeks. The National Meteorological Center has issued an alert, warning of torrential downpours in a huge swath of provinces and regions in Southern China.

The center also says some areas in provinces like Guangdong and Anhui could see precipitation of up to more than one hundred millimetres in 24 hours. Meanwhile warnings for secondary disasters such as flooding and land-slides have also been released. And in Southern Guangdong province, people are bracing for the coming of a tropical depression, which could bring even heavier rainfalls.

The southern province of Guangdong has been lashed by bitter rain for weeks. And on Friday afternoon, a tropical depression making the situation even worse.

"The cyclone will bring heavy rainfall to the Pearl River Delta, especially regions in western Guangdong, which will see torrential downpours. The hourly precipitation could reach 40 to 70 millimetres in some areas. And the wind in coastal areas could grow to near gale force," said Lu Shan, chief forecaster of Guangdong Meterological observatory.

At the harbour, hundreds of ships have come back to the port, amid the already strengthening rain and wind.

"All fishing boats have come back and are anchored. We have strengthened some of their anchor cables.  And we have also dispatched speed boats to inspect and supervise the harbour," said Ye Chenglin, officer of local fishery administration.

Coastal regions are not the only victims of these lingering downpours. In southwestern mountainous regions, rain-triggered landslides blocked major roads.

Power lines were cut down, crops inundated, and roads were made dangerous, leading to horrible car crashes. In northwest China, Qinghai province's Guoluo Prefecture is experiencing unusually strong sleet and summer snow.

"Snow in some counties has reached the level of blizzard, with snowfall totaling about 6 and a half inches. And it's going to last until Saturday," said Ma Hui, chief forecaster of Guoluo Prefecture Meteorological observatory.

Forecasters say this round of rainfall could continue for over a week.

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