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Young customers attracted by pets


06-06-2016 06:18 BJT

Animal cafes are a popular place for youngsters in Japan to visit, particularly as many of them don't have pets themselves. CCTV's Terrence Terashima visited one such cafe in Tokyo and met customers enjoying companionship with their part-time pets.

Ladies cuddling a hedgehog, and a couple on a date with a lizard and a hedgehog in their hands.

This is one of a popular past time for city residents. A Cafe where you can enjoy a company of an animal you love.

Animal Cafes have boomed in major Japanese cities in recent years. Inspired by success in Cat cafes, they grew to a 20 billion US dollar market.

Japan already has a large and growing market for pets. Around 13.5 billion dollars in pet related business. From clothing, grooming and food.

But that is for those who can afford to have a pet.

"In metropolitan areas, many are not able to have pets, or are too busy to take care of pets. I think people come to these Cafes for therapeutic effects of the animals," Yuki Hirano, manager of Rabbit Cafe "Ms. Bunny", said.

In Tokyo and in Osaka, around 47 percent of households are single households. People living alone in apartments, either are restricted to have pets or too busy to regularly take care of an animal.
These Cafes have hit the spot for animal lovers. Some cafes, like this Hedgehog Cafe also have fans from overseas. Nearly half of their customers are tourists.

Cats, Dogs, Bunnies and Hedgehogs are not the only popular companions.

For those who love birds, there is a place where you can interact with birds while you enjoy your coffee.
The attendants will teach you all about how to interact with the birds and requirements if you think of having a bird as a pet.

You can buy these birds if you fall in love with them. The owner said it is a good thing to get to know the animal before you buy one. It reduces the risk mistreatments.

Some like cats’ or some like dogs or even birds, but what if you like creatures like this. Sometimes you may not get an understanding from your family. So this is where the reptile enthusiasts come and have a drink while you enjoy the view.

Interestingly majority of customers who come to this reptile bar are women. Some complained that their boy friends refused to come along.

“I used to have a pet frog when I was a child. I like lizards so I want to have one as a pet if I could”

Authorities are tightening the regulations and conditions of these shops to prevent cruelty to animals.

Pet shop cafes are growing market. And careful monitoring is required.

But for those enthusiasts, these cafes are a retreat until they can afford a place to have a pet.

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