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Augmented virtual reality for business


06-08-2016 08:18 BJT

We've heard a lot about Augmented and Virtual Reality. But outside of gaming, is it practical in the workplace? That's a key focus at this year's Augmented World Expo in Silicon Valley.

At the Augmented World Expo, it's goggles, goggles and more goggles.

Companies like Vuforia are out to prove augmented reality is not just fun and games.
Their software allows a service technician to more quickly repair almost anything.

"If you've ever struggled with something that looks like a diagram, something 3-dimensinal maybe an instruction manual, an automotive manual where you are trying to go through different steps. All of those diagrams come off the paper and can be over your eyes and in your hands using AR," Jay Wright, president of Vuforia, said.

These AIR, or Augmented Interactive Reality, glasses are for anyone in the business of fixing, serving or treating machines, people or animals.

"So you can see everything we see now, I see you, I see this person, I see the whole exhibit, but I can with a flick of the wrist bring in with my hand gesture, data about the company you are from and I can make a video call by going like this," Ellie Rubin, VP of marketing of Atheer, said.

This Augmented Reality Simulator is called the Soldomatic. It's already sold more than a 1,000 units in more than 140 countries. The creators say if I practice with it each day, in several months I could become a professional welder.

The expo also showcases robotics with a goal toward increased interactivity. These Sunbeam pilots roam the floors at conventions and shows.

"I can just be everywhere I want, If I wanted to go to Japan, if I wanted to go to Europe I can go to Europe. All from my home office right here in Orange County," Lynette Dolan said.

Technology also crosses into politics as guest speaker Zoltan Istvan currently runs for U.S. President.

He's the founder of the Transhumanist party, which seeks to use tech to change America and more.

Istvan offers thoughts that have never crossed the leading candidates minds - such as would it be better to someday have an artificial intelligence robot president.

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