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Sub-anchor: Employment stays stable: 91.7%


06-16-2016 04:26 BJT

A leading higher education consulting company, MyCOS Data and the Social Science Academic Press, have released their College Graduates' Employment Annual Report. So how are China's graduates doing? And what majors are most sought after by the market? To answer these questions and more, we are joined in the studio by Jin Yingqiao.

Q1, Yingqiao, tell us first about the employment rate for fresh graduates in 2015?

A1, Sure, in 2015 the data is pretty much on par with previous years, standing at 91.7 percent after half a year after graduation. Their average monthly income: about 3700 yuan and for graduates from universities listed in the "211 Project"...key universities with prioritized state support, their monthly income is about 4700 yuan.

But it's those who started up their businesses that raked in the most: 5100 yuan. In 2015, 3 percent of all graduates had started their own businesses, that's about 200 thousand people. But what major gives you the highest chance to get employed? Management-related majors: 94%, the lowest chance: history, and law.

Let's talk about some new trends. Education, this sector saw the highest growth rate in employment, followed by medical and social care, and then media, information and telecommunications. The report also combines all the factors together, employment, salary, and job satisfaction to create a list of "green majors", subjects that have a good future for the job marke, they include, software engineering, web engineering, telecom engineering, advertising, and automotive engineering,

Q2, So tell us more about what happened to the graduates after a few years of working.

A2, Again, we see the difference between the top 211 Project universities and regular ones for 211 project graduates, 13 percent quit their job within six months of working, while non-211 project graduates's job-hopping rate was 26 percent. In the longer term, within three years of working, 46 percent of graduates changed their jobs while 8 percent had four employers. An interesting angle: those who stayed longer also earned more.

Graduates working for the same employer for three years earned the most: about 6500 yuan for undergraduates. But those who have earned the most after three years? Again: young entrepreneurs, among them the average pay for bachelor's degree holders: over 9000 yuan. But the flip side is over half the entrepreneurs didn't make it in the first three years. The hotttest sectors for undergraduate entrepreneurs: education, retail, media, information and telecommunication, finance, art and entertainment.

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